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At Capella, we offer a range of dynamic roles across BPO services, ensuring a fulfilling career journey and a bright future for our talented staff.

Data Entry and Processing

Showcase your attention to detail and accuracy by managing and processing essential client data, contributing to their overall business success.

Customer Support Services

Become the friendly voice of our clients, providing exceptional customer care and building lasting relationships through phone, email, and chat support.

Back Office Support Services

Play a critical role in our clients' daily operations by handling administrative tasks such as document management, invoicing, and data management.

Social Media Management

Harness your creativity and digital savvy to manage clients' social media presence, fostering brand awareness and driving customer engagement.

Technical Support Services

Utilize your technical expertise to assist customers in solving complex issues, and create a smooth experience for clients and their users.

Sales and Telemarketing

Drive revenue growth for our clients by engaging with potential customers, showcasing your persuasive communication skills and closing deals.

Our Rapid Expansion Journey

Join our flourishing BPO family as we continue our rapid expansion journey in the Philippines, providing unparalleled career growth and development for aspiring professionals like you.

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Take advantage of our streamlined application process, welcoming candidates with any BPO experience, even those just starting out.

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Capella offers a supportive and dynamic work environment, fostering both personal and professional growth. Seize the opportunity to be part of our thriving team.

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"Growth beyond expectations"

"Capella has provided me with the perfect environment to develop my skills and advance my career. The training programs and guidance from my mentors have truly exceeded my expectations."

Maria Santos
Customer Service Representative
"Transforming my career"

"Capella has been instrumental in transforming my career by providing me with the resources and opportunities to start a career in the BPO industry."

Jasmine Gonzales
Data Entry Specialist
"Collaborative and inspiring"

"The teamwork and collaborative atmosphere at Capella is truly inspiring. It has allowed me to work seamlessly with colleagues from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and unity."

Andrea Reyes
Data Entry Specialist
"Empowered to excel"

"Capella's dedication to employee development and skill-building has empowered me to thrive in my role. Their focus on continuous improvement has helped me become more efficient and effective in my work."

Jose Dela Cruz
Technical Support Specialist
"Skill Development Focus"

"Capella's emphasis on continuous learning and skill development has allowed me to thrive in my data entry role. I feel valued and supported in my day-to-day tasks."

Maria Santos
Data Entry Specialist
"Empowering Work Culture"

"Working at Capella has been a game-changer for me. The training programs and team-oriented approach have enabled me to excel in my customer service role."

Paulo Dela Cruz
Customer Support Specialist
"Rewarding and fulfilling"

"Working at Capella has been an immensely rewarding and fulfilling experience. The company's commitment to employee recognition and performance-based incentives has motivated me to consistently excel in my role."

Lourdes Valdez
Content Moderator
"Opportunities to lead"

"Capella has provided me with ample opportunities to develop my leadership skills and take on more responsibilities. This has enabled me to grow professionally and contribute to the success of my team."

Carlo Peralta
Team Leader, Customer Support
"Innovative and dynamic"

"Capella's innovative approach to back-office services has transformed the way I approach my work. The company consistently adopts cutting-edge technology and best practices, enabling me to stay ahead in the industry."

Gabriel Mercado
Back-office Support Specialist

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